18 Simple Ways to Recognise Your Staff Are Stressed

18 Simple Ways to Recognise Your Staff Are Stressed

Take the time to review this list and see if you or your staff might be stressed:

1. Look out for changes in their normal behaviour

2. Individuals start to take more ‘sickies’

3. Productivity drops

4. Increase in error rate

5. Tempers get shorter causing an unpleasant atmosphere in the workplace

6. People work longer hours but don’t produce more work

7. Increase in moaning and complaining

8. Increased staff turnover

9. Individuals avoid eye contact with you

10. People look tense – frowning, muscle tension in face, neck, back

11. Reduced cooperation between team members

12. Lack of involvement in team meetings

13. Conflict between individuals

14. Conflict in meetings

15. Reluctance to speak in meetings

16. Higher incidence of accidents at work

17. Refusal to take on new work

18. People stop talking when you come in the room

To find out how we can help increase your managers’ abilities to spot the signs and effectively manage employee stress call today on 01954 267640.

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