Are Your People Awesome?

Are Your People Awesome?

Are Your People Awesome?

We’re attending a series of networking events to launch the next phase of Namasté Culture’s creative response to growing the health and wellbeing agenda. Our new pop-up banner poses the question, Are your people awesome? By asking this question, we’re inviting you to consider the health, wellbeing and happiness of your employees, making ourselves available to talk about the relationship between how we are and how we perform at work.

The CIPD report, Growing the health and wellbeing agenda, reveals some startling truths about the absence of proactive wellbeing strategies, 97% of participating employers said they believe in the link between wellbeing and performance, yet only 8% identified a stand-alone wellbeing strategy, in contrast with 61%, who were more reactive in their approach. An estimated £554 per employee was cited as the average cost of absence per year, leading to their recommendation:-

‘We need to change conversations around the business case for wellbeing programmes from cost avoidance to shared value creation.’

We’re Ready – Are You?

Namasté Culture is ready to engage in that conversation. We want to share our expertise and resources, offer some options around how you might go about assessing where you’re at right now, building the business case for wellbeing investment and identifying objectives to start the ball rolling.

This conversation continues in our regular taster workshops, where you are invited to sample our training model and decide for yourself if our vision, values and facilitation skills have a part to play in your workforce wellbeing strategy.

Try Before You Buy Taster Workshops

We’ve channelled our skills and expertise into three wellbeing development streams:-

  1. Wellbeing Assessment and Strategy Development
  2. Management Development Programme: wellbeing, communication and performance
  3. Mindfulness at Work: stress management and peak performance

The Benefits of Our Taster Workshops

At the end of one of our taster workshops you will have:-

  • Developed clarity around your training needs and potential wellbeing outcomes
  • Experienced a learner-centred approach to skills development
  • Connected with other businesses with similar workforce development challenges

We’re poised to deliver training programmes, informed by evidence based learning theory and business psychology, and available to bring our workshops to you or to host you at our training suite in Papworth Everard. We also relish an opportunity to address your team meetings to make the business case for wellbeing development and pose the question, Are your people awesome?

For more information call today on 01954 267640

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