Is severe weather affecting your business?

Following the recent floods and the arrival of the first snow of the season companies may be looking at how to manage disruptions at work due to adverse weather.  Severe weather affects us all in different ways; some employees may be unable to get into the workplace because of flooding, school closures, treacherous roads or …


Is Your Workplace Getting Healthier?

Falling Absence Rates Absence rates in the workplace are falling, you would think is a good thing – surely that means we are getting healthier? Unfortunately it doesn’t always mean that. Does your workplace suffer from presenteeism? Never heard of it? Nor had I until a couple of years ago. Presenteeism is the act of turning …


How to Introduce Flexible Working

Are you worried about the effects on your business following the government’s decision to extend the right to request flexible working to all employees? If you don’t have a policy to allow employees to request flexible working you may well be concerned. Flexible Working – The Law The current law allows parents with children under …

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