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Reputation Is Everything

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Henry Ford Making a Difference I was moved to read the feedback from some of our regular customers and learn something of our reputation as quality training providers. I’ll go as far as to share that tears blurred my vision, as our re-branding consultant …


Training That Makes A Difference

I was delighted to hear that a recent delegate on our  12 month Management Development Programme had sent out a testimonial to her network, talking about 10 takeaways from the training. We don’t often blow our own trumpet at Namasté , we tend to focus on helping others rather than helping ourselves, however, this is …


The Truth Behind Mental Health In The Construction Industry

The Construction News has published a survey on the mental health experiences of workers in the construction industry, and the results have been described by construction business leaders as shocking. The report found: One in four workers had considered taking their life. 55% had experienced mental health issues. 42% had suffered these issues at their …


Mental Health Awareness Week 8 – 12 May

This week is National Mental Health Awareness Week. Many of us know how to look after our physical health, but we are less clued up on how to do this for our mental health. Many things can impact on our mental wellbeing including our relationships, stress levels, quality of sleep, diet and our level of …


Mindful Management: guru or gimmick?

Mindfulness is gaining momentum among scientists, psychologists and business leaders as a model of mind training to help us lead a meaningful life. Some believe it’s the latest fad that will pass with time. Others maintain that it offers the wisdom and compassion so greatly lacking in many models of leadership training. Mindfulness – An …


All Change Please. Understanding The Psychology Of Change And Managing Change Using Positive Psychology

Why Do We Need To Change? Change is fundamental for life. From an evolutionary, Darwinian perspective, change means survival. The behaviours or traits of individuals that are most beneficial persist to help the species adapt to a changing environment. In business, a similar evolution is essential for growth, as Richard Branson, who not only embraces, …


Resolution Revolution

  Will You Be Making New Year Resolutions? We’re about to be bombarded with well-intentioned suggestions as to how we might make 2O17 a happier, healthy experience. So, I thought I’d get in there first, by sharing the wisdom of wellbeing experts, aka psychologists, and inviting you to reflect on what will make a positive …