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Mental Health, Mindfulness and Men: Time to Act

On 4th February, my colleagues and I will be joining the national Time to Talk about mental health campaign by taking 5 minutes of our day (probably more, knowing us) to ask each other about how we’re looking after ourselves. While we will not deny the benefits of exercise, good diet and a decent night’s …


Men – It Really Is Time To Talk!

Time to Change are asking employers to make a point of taking five minutes on 4th February to talk about mental health. Last year I focused on the stigma that seems to go hand in hand with any discussion around mental health, even though we all have mental health, be it good or bad, just …


Mindfulness at Work

Are you aware of how Mindfulness can help to reduce tension and improve performance at work? Many individuals are beginning to experience the benefits of regular mindfulness practice, however, there can be a lack of understanding at a business level as to how such a practice could be beneficial in the workplace. Research shows a …


World Mental Health Day – Saturday 10th October

Let’s talk about it: promoting well-being in work Saturday 10 October is World Mental Health Day and we’re all invited to consider what we can each do to promote our well-being. Have you had your five-a-day? asks Mind in their awareness raising campaign and I ask myself how their five-a-day relates to promoting employee well-being. Be …


Mental Health Problems cost UK employers £26 billion each year

The business case for supporting good mental health In the first of several blogs, we look at the findings of the recent Mental Health Taskforce and what it means for you, your staff, and the success of your organisation. What is mental health? The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines mental health as: ‘a state of …


Is Your Business Being Affected by Lack of Sleep?

March 2015 is National Bed Month in the UK and National Sleep Awareness week runs from 2 to 8 March in the USA. We all know that if you don’t get enough sleep you can be grumpy and less productive at work, did you also know that regularly missing out on sleep puts you at …


Stress Busting at Work!

We are running a free workshop on Thursday 26th February to introduce the competences managers need to exhibit to help them to identify, reduce and prevent stress at work. All too often stress at work is caused by managers who do not recognise the impact they are having on others. This practical half-day workshop introduces the …


It’s #TimetoTalk

In a bid to help end mental health discrimination Time to Change are asking every employer to take five minutes on 5th February to talk about mental health. For some reason we seem to equate mental health with being unwell, but we all have mental health, some of us are in good mental health and …


Six Reasons Why Productivity Is Low and What You Can Do About It

Recently I was talking to a senior manager at a local business. It’s a subsidiary of a USA company and their senior management was unhappy with the UK office performance. He was very worried about the implications for the future. Productivity had not dropped, but neither had it risen as the parent company expected. The Chartered Institute …


2015 Management Development Programme

We frequently talk about management skills as being ‘soft skills’. I would ask you to take a few minutes to ask yourself, what’s ‘soft’ about: Finding the right way to tell someone their performance is not up to standard Setting expectations for improvements in behaviours Starting disciplinary action Discussing acceptable levels of sickness absence Delegating, …

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