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Ten Easy Ways to Look After Staff Wellbeing

1. Get to know your staff as individuals. Remember their names and key facts about their lives that they have shared with you. For example, the names of their children, their hobbies, holidays, etc. If you have trouble remembering this information, write it down and remind yourself before you speak to them so you can …


Stress Busting at Work!

We are running a free workshop on Thursday 26th February to introduce the competences managers need to exhibit to help them to identify, reduce and prevent stress at work. All too often stress at work is caused by managers who do not recognise the impact they are having on others. This practical half-day workshop introduces the …


18 Tips to Help Your Staff be Happier and More Productive

You’re a busy manager with a lot to do. It can feel like an added stress to keep your team happy. Yet an unhappy team is an unproductive team, with more sick days and high staff turnover. So how about some simple ways to keep your team happy and productive? Here they are… 1. Show …


Six Reasons Why Productivity Is Low and What You Can Do About It

Recently I was talking to a senior manager at a local business. It’s a subsidiary of a USA company and their senior management was unhappy with the UK office performance. He was very worried about the implications for the future. Productivity had not dropped, but neither had it risen as the parent company expected. The Chartered Institute …

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