Keep Off The Grass – Mindful Walking And Letting Go Of Control

Getting Some Life Balance On the one hand, I yearn to wander aimlessly in wild flower meadows, retracing the happy-go-lucky moments of childhood. On the other, I aspire to taking life and work responsibilities seriously, and keeping my finger on the pulse of deadlines, targets and outcomes; being a good person and manager. There has …


Vive La Difference

Change of Perspective: Over the last few weeks we have looked at the mental health risks for men and women and how each gender’s experience of stress is different. We suggested that our unique experience of the world and the workplace is not limited to gender but rather is defined by the complex interplay of …


How To Recognise the Gender Differences Relating to Mental Health Issues

Gender and Mental Health: We have been talking recently about differences in men and women when they experience mental health issues. Research suggests that women and men suffer from mental health issues in different ways; women experience anxiety or depression, while men tend toward substance abuse or antisocial disorders. What Does This Mean At Work? …


Wellbeing and Men: We’re All Different

Mental Health Risks For Men Let’s start with some statistics; 75% of all suicides are male, yet only 25% of all those treated for a mental health condition are male. What causes this discrepancy? WHO suggest that men are often less likely to seek help but even when they do, established unconscious bias means that …


Mental Health at Work – Does One Size Fit All?

Are There Gender Differences When It Comes To Mental Health? When businesses consider wellbeing policies and practices in the workplace it is often with a gender-neutral approach. However research tells us that there are gender differences in mental health, the underlying causes of stress at work, and the individual experience of stress. In our next …


52% Don’t Leave The Office At Lunchtime!

What Do You Do at Lunchtime? People Management recently reported that only 30% of UK workers take proper lunch breaks, with nearly a quarter of people working through their typical lunch break and a further 46% spending it on the internet. Reasons for Working Through Lunch A survey of 2,000 UK adults found that office workers are reluctant to take a …


How To… Support Mental Health at Work

This month we have focused on mental health at work following the governments’ decision to invest £1 billion in mental health services to help those struggling with mental health issues to find or return to work. Now I’d like to focus on what it is that we at Namasté Culture can do to support your …


Boosting Resources: 3 Steps to Managing Mental Health/Wellbeing at Work

Investing in Mental Health at Work The recent £1 Billion investment from the Government has provided a valuable resource to help people struggling with mental health issues to return to work and stay in work. But what can Businesses do to manage mental health at work and maintain employee wellbeing? To have a sense of …


Mindfulness With Cambridge Network

So much to achieve, so little time to stop, reflect and do things differently. This seems to be both the truth for most busy professionals, the reason for not engaging and the very need for mindfulness training. So, what can we do as trainers to make mindfulness training more accessible and attractive to those who …


Is £1 Billion Enough To Make A Difference?

Investing in Mental Health Initiatives The English government recently announced a £1 billion investment in mental health services to help those struggling with mental health issues to find or return to work over the next 5 years. They have pledged to improve how mental health is managed, including increased access for employees to talking therapies. …

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