Overstretched, Overworked & Overwhelmed?

Overstretched, Overworked & Overwhelmed?   The “Busyness” Culture According to research, we have more leisure time than in the past, and yet we claim to be busier than ever. The renowned Psychologist, Oliver Burkeman, has reported that of thousands of adults in 28 countries, most don’t believe how busy others claim to be, and frequently …


Top Tips for Engagement Through a Healthy Work-life Balance

Top Tips for Engagement Through a Healthy Work-life Balance Last week we talked about sustaining engagement at work by using the HSE Management Standards for reducing stress and promoting healthy working. Below are our top tips based around 3 of the standards: Job demand (workload patterns and environment), Control (an individual’s influence over their work), Support (encouragement …


Engagement or Burnout: Getting Work Life Balance Right In Your Workplace.

Engagement or Burnout:  Getting Work Life Balance Right In Your Workplace. Work-life balance (WLB) is an ancient truth, embedded in our social history – how many times have you heard the phrase (first recorded in 1659) “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? Today our definition is often linked with long working …


Are Your People Awesome?

Are Your People Awesome? We’re attending a series of networking events to launch the next phase of Namasté Culture’s creative response to growing the health and wellbeing agenda. Our new pop-up banner poses the question, Are your people awesome? By asking this question, we’re inviting you to consider the health, wellbeing and happiness of your employees, making …


Is Your Workplace Psychologically Healthy?

The good news is you might already have the right company culture, practices and policies that mean you have a psychologically healthy working environment. But how do you know for certain if your working environment is a healthy place to be? We all seem to have a good idea of how to recognise risks to physical health, but do …


Training Taster Sessions – Early 2016

At Namasté Culture we want to be sure that what we do is a good fit for your business needs. We know that it’s not just about the training content, the trainer has to be able to connect with your people and bring to life subjects that could be a bit dry when delivered in the wrong …


Mental Health, Mindfulness and Men: Time to Act

On 4th February, my colleagues and I will be joining the national Time to Talk about mental health campaign by taking 5 minutes of our day (probably more, knowing us) to ask each other about how we’re looking after ourselves. While we will not deny the benefits of exercise, good diet and a decent night’s …


Men – It Really Is Time To Talk!

Time to Change are asking employers to make a point of taking five minutes on 4th February to talk about mental health. Last year I focused on the stigma that seems to go hand in hand with any discussion around mental health, even though we all have mental health, be it good or bad, just …


Stress Management Workshops

AboutHR regularly run workshops to introduce the management competencies required to reduce and prevent stress at work.  These practical half-day workshops introduce the management competencies that are required for preventing and reducing stress at work and provides hands on training in practical skills to address some of these areas. The workshops are fun and interactive …

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