CIPD Report on NIHCE Guidance on Promoting Wellbeing at Work


I read with interest the CIPD article on wellbeing at work.

I was particularly interested to note the examples of steps employers could take to achieve employee well-being as provided by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence provides. In my Stress Management workshops I ask organisations what steps they take to manage stress at work, most have a policy related to stress maangement and it seems that is where they stop.

There do not seem to be many companies that proactively identify issues and work to reduce or prevent stress, and the guidance given by NIHCE mirrors my own approach to effectively improving wellbeing at work. The guidance recommends that employers should:

  • Gain an understanding of the issues by using employee attitude surveys, and monitoring absence rates and employee turnover.
  • Ensure everybody is involved in promoting well-being and de-stigmatising mental health concerns.
  • Help manager to recognise the warning signs of stress in employees and develop supportive management styles.
  • Provide additional support by using mentoring schemes, training, counselling and occupational health to support individuals.
  • Identify the differing needs of employees, make reasonable adjustments for those affected by mental health issues.
  • Consider if flexible working or a different structure to working hours/days would be beneficial.

The free workshops run by AboutHR aim to demonstrate to organisations by a mixture of self-awareness and awareness of others, that managers can provide a pivotal role in reducing and preventing stress at work.

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