Employee Wellness – Concepts

Employee Wellness – Concepts

The OED provides this handy definition: ‘Well-being – the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.’ I’d like to suggest all three are often possible.

If you are considering introducing a wellness program to your organisation, you may be baffled with all the new terminology, definitions and concepts you have to get your head around. I’ve put together a handy reference guide.

Workplace wellness considerations:

Emotional well-being – not allowing your staff to become so stressed that their health and work suffers.

Psychological well-being – being aware of different needs of staff with stress and/or mental health issues.

Staff/employee well-being – a generic term to cover all the ideas in this report.

Physical well-being – being in good physical health.

‘Wellness’ – being in a state of good physical and psychological health.

Health promotion
– promoting ways in which staff can be healthier.

These goals can be met by:

• Management policies and practice encouraging wellness

• Following health and safety procedures

• Medical testing and treatment where necessary

Complementary therapies such as:

• Hypnotherapy
• NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
• Yoga
• Acupuncture
• EFT (tapping)
• Meditation
• Mindfulness

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