Engaging Staff in Wellness Activities

Engaging Staff in Wellness Activities

Looking for new ideas to encourage workplace wellness? Look no further…

Hold monthly half hour lunchtime talks on health issues and make this available to all staff, even if you have to run them more than once. Ensure your speaker is engaging and motivating and make copies of their presentations available to all. Allow plenty of time for questions either during or after the session. At each seminar have healthy lunch food available from a particular retailer who can have a representative on hand to answer questions.

If you already have a staff newsletter, make one page available for wellness related articles in each issue. If you don’t have a staff newsletter, send a wellness email newsletter monthly.

Have competitions for staff who achieve greatest wellness goals such as weight loss, increased activity, gym attendance or healthy eating. Give monthly goals to those with the biggest changes. Don’t set people up against each other, after all someone with a lot of weight to lose will lose more than someone with just a few pounds. It is the extent of their individual change that should be measured.

Wellness Goals
Set wellness goals for each staff member willing to participate in the program. Add an extra incentive such as a half day off for the member who achieves the most overall change in each month.

Information Boards
Have boards that are regularly updated with health information, details of competition winners and other relevant information.

Lead from the front
The effectiveness of a wellness program will be enhanced if managers at every level are seen to be participating.

Make wellness part of the induction package
Ensure that new staff are informed of the wellness activities available to them. Remember to tell candidates at interview too. Your business will be seen to be caring.

Appoint a Wellness Coordinator
For a smaller firm, this can be one person. For a bigger organisation, you could have one for each section. The coordinator can promote daily health tips, record individual progress and plan wellness activities.

Wellness Signs
Find ways to remind employees of wellness activities. Examples are: screen pop-ups saying ‘walk around for five minutes each hour’, or signs near the lift suggesting using the stairs, or signs in the car park suggesting they walk or cycle to work.

Provide healthy snacks at meetings
Ban the doughnuts and biscuits. Provide delicious sliced fruit and a selection of nuts instead.

Offer part payment of gym membership fees if staff members prove they attend regularly.

Staff Appraisals
Make wellness part of your appraisal. Include it in all paperwork and give it time during discussions.

Remember, staff wellness is not just for the individuals who work for you. Your staff will feel more valued, so it will be a way to enhance staff loyalty. Your organisation will benefit by reducing staff sick days.

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