How To… Support Mental Health at Work

How To… Support Mental Health at Work

This month we have focused on mental health at work following the governments’ decision to invest £1 billion in mental health services to help those struggling with mental health issues to find or return to work.

Now I’d like to focus on what it is that we at Namasté Culture can do to support your employees with mental health issues to improve wellbeing and performance in your workplace.

Namasté Cultures’ 3 Ways to Support Mental Health at Work


1. Develop Self-Awareness

We believe that self-awareness is the first step to helping people change, so we provide training programmes to encourage people to identify the helpful or unhelpful behaviours they use when faced with life’s challenges.

Our introduction to managing stress and building resilience programme of training starts by asking people to identify how they know they are stressed, offering a safe environment to explore their own behaviours before teaching various techniques to build a resilient and helpful response to change and adversity.

2. Provide One to One Therapeutic Support

Sometimes people just aren’t coping, they may be struggling to manage situations at home that are then causing problems at work, or vice versa.

Jacqui Kemp at Namasté Culture is a Quest trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist, and provides one to one therapeutic support in these situations.

This approach utilises the best of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology and Hypnosis. Having a variety of tools to hand we have found that employees who are ready to change their response and engage in a programme of therapy can be helped to make radical changes in their stress response in as little as three to six sessions of support.

3. Offer Drop-In Sessions for Employee Support

Our newest offering is to provide a therapist or counsellor on-site for a day to be available to listen to employees with an immediate need support.

The support may take the following routes:

Urgent Need for employees who have witnessed or been part of a critical incident and need someone to talk to.

Drop-in Therapeutic Support for those who recognise they have been stressed for some time and feel anxious regarding work or home life.

Drop-in Advice/Coaching for individuals who have a need for emotional support due to a short-term issue, this may be related to financial concerns, issues at home, an argument with a co-worker etc.

Resources Offered:

Employees will be offered advice about how to address their immediate issue, and where possible given insights into what may be going on.

They will be introduced to therapeutic techniques that they can do in their own time to help manage symptoms of anxiety, and given information to take away regarding the interventions they have used.

People with therapeutic needs will be assessed using recognised assessment tools and offered advice regarding avenues for further support.

We can also run 30-minute Mindfulness sessions for employees to practice mindfulness and take away related information.

To find out more about how we can support your employees to build their psychological resources call today on 01954 267640 or email


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