Is £1 Billion Enough To Make A Difference?

Is £1 Billion Enough To Make A Difference?

Investing in Mental Health Initiatives

The English government recently announced a £1 billion investment in mental health services to help those struggling with mental health issues to find or return to work over the next 5 years. They have pledged to improve how mental health is managed, including increased access for employees to talking therapies. But will more money be enough to address the complex drivers of our ever deteriorating mental health?

Changing Our View of Mental Health at Work

While more resources will enhance our current provision, it’s organisational ethos and attitudes to mental health that will have the greatest impact on employee wellbeing. An informal conversation with your manager about mental health, in the knowledge that your disclosures will be treated with sensitively and no different from any other health condition can go a long way to making a difference. But how skilled are managers in having these conversations?

Do Your Managers Care?

Recently published in the Scotsman, a YouGov survey of 1,165 Scottish workers found only 30% think their manager cares about their emotional well-being, while 23% would not discuss a mental health problem if they had one, for fear of the reaction from others.

So the combination of mental distress, fear of discrimination, lack of managerial skill and the absence of strategic approaches to the promotion of wellbeing seems to be the nub of it. So, yes, the extra billion will certainly help the NHS, but what sort of help do the employers need?

Help for Employers

Here at Namasté Culture, as well as offering one to one support for people with mental health issues, we also offer three streams of wellbeing training; the first is the development of strategic policies and practices, the second, skills training for managers, and the third, mindfulness training to promote a clear, calm mind to maximise productivity.

To find out more about the support we can offer you, or to book onto one of our taster workshops, contact us on 01954 267640 or email

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