Is Your Workplace Psychologically Healthy?

Is Your Workplace Psychologically Healthy?

The good news is you might already have the right company culture, practices and policies that mean you have a psychologically healthy working environment. But how do you know for certain if your working environment is a healthy place to be?

We all seem to have a good idea of how to recognise risks to physical health, but do you know how to spot the risks to psychological health? And when you do spot them, what can you do about it?

Health & Wellbeing Assessment Workshops

Namasté Culture is here to help. Our two-hour Health & Wellbeing Assessment workshop guides you through the HSE Management Standards and NICE guidelines to help you identify the strengths and areas for development in your current working practices.

The next workshop is running on Wednesday 24th February from 10am to 12 noon.

To register your interest in attending email or call 01954 267640.




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