It’s #TimetoTalk

It’s #TimetoTalk

In a bid to help end mental health discrimination Time to Change are asking every employer to take five minutes on 5th February to talk about mental health.

For some reason we seem to equate mental health with being unwell, but we all have mental health, some of us are in good mental health and some have low mental health. We need to break down the misunderstandings and stigma surrounding mental health, and the only way to really do that is to create a culture of open and honest communication, allow people to know it is OK to feel low and ask for help.

If someone at work had a broken leg I would spend time asking them how they were getting on, if they were experiencing difficulties, what help they needed from me as an employer and what support they have at home, why do we shy away from asking the same questions of someone with a mental health issue?

Take time on 5th February to listen to the people around you, they won’t disappear in a puff of smoke.

The Time to Change website has lots of useful resources to help start the conversation, and you can make a pledge.

Namasté provides training to help managers identify signs of stress and the role they can play in helping to reduce and prevent stress at work. This is not about offering untrained counselling, which is dangerous, it is about providing understanding and tools and techniques to manage wellbeing at work. To find out more about our next workshop call today on 01954 267640.

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