Christmas pickle: managing your work-life balance and feeling the joy

Christmas pickle: managing your work-life balance and feeling the joy

Which dictionary definition best reflects your festive intentions and experience?

Pickle: ˈpɪk(ə)l/

1. A relish consisting of vegetables or fruit preserved in vinegar and enhanced by festive spices such as cinnamon or clove, perfect with cheese and Port.

2.  Experiencing a difficult situation characterised by feelings of panic brought about by Christmas deadlines.  (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~)

Are you feeling the strain; deadlines getting tighter, presents to buy and in great need of a rest as mid-winter approaches? It seems many of us are in a pickle. Instead of having a rest to restore our energy levels, many of us will experience psychological stress at Christmas, while trying our best to have a well-earned good time. This may be the result of self-imposed expectations combined with work pressures that can affect our healthy return to work in the New Year.

So what can employers do to help their employees celebrate rather than stress?

According to the CIPD Autumn 2015 Outlook research, an improvement in work-life balance had been reported, indicating that employers recognise the value of promoting well-being at work. However, the research also highlights that 38% are still experiencing excessive stress levels, so there is still room to invest in helping employees voice their needs and enter into more dialogue around their well-being.

One way of improving employees’ resilience to stress is for employers to emphasise the importance of investing time in relationship building and managing the individual, not just the workload. This is a path endorsed by the Health & Safety Executive in their guidance to effective management.

Here at Namasté Culture, our training programmes build resilience to life’s pressures. We recognise the importance of taking time out of a busy schedule to learn new ways of managing stress, while maintaining well-being. Managers are individuals too, and benefit from self-management tools that help them to be the best managers they can. Our New Year’s programme will focus on self-management skills and how to resource oneself in ways that are sustainable and enjoyable.

In Early 2016, we will be launching Mindfulness, Well Being & Peak Performance and giving individuals the tools to make life-long changes for the benefit of all.

Until then, I wish you all mouth-wateringly tasty Christmases, and the best kind of Christmas pickle.

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