Mental Health – The hidden secret within organisations.

Mental Health – The hidden secret within organisations.

An online article at People Management Magazine this week is talking about mental ill-health and how it’s undermines British businesses.

The article discusses the need for employers to be more open about concerns around mental ill-health at work, to move away from covering up mental ill-health issues and the need to drive a change in culture within the work place, making it clear to all that mental ill-health is not something to be ashamed of.

The topic of stress and depression is becoming more widely discussed within society, with more celebrities and MPs admitting that they have suffered in the past, it’s time for organisations to start encouraging their employees to speak up.

However, before they can expect this cultural change to take place it’s important that the signs of mental ill-health are recognised and understood by senior and middle management. Everyone reacts differently to excessive pressure or stress; ensuring managers understand a range of signals and recognise everyone is different is a start to enabling effective management in tackling the issues noticed.

I’m a strong believer that when organisations take a proactive approach to mental ill-health at work they are far better equipped to reduce issues around mental ill-health within the organisation as well as achieving a happy and engaged workforce.

AboutHR provides training to organisations to meet the needs of their business. Whether it is managers who need to learn how to identify the early signs of stress in their staff, teaching them skills to effectively manage individuals with stress related disorders through to workshops to encourage self-awareness within the workforce and skills training to effectively reduce stress.

Workshops cover skills and techniques that when applied thoroughly will help to identify areas of risk and reduce and prevent stress at work.  Evidence shows that through recognising the different signs and signals of stress, managers are 25% more likely to intervene at the right time and reduce the effects on the business.

Louise Aston from Business in the Community states that everyone has a role to play to break the stigma of mental health within the work place and I agree with her wholeheartedly.

To ensure your people managers have the right skills and experience to identify and reduce stress at work call me today on 01954 715406 or email

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