Mindfulness at Work – Your Questions Answered…

Mindfulness at Work – Your Questions Answered…

Where Do I Get Help Managing My Busy Life?

Where do you turn to when you need help managing your workload and life, and there are so many different training programmes and therapies on offer, claiming to be just the ticket?

You haven’t got time to research all your options or attend taster sessions, and you’re not even convinced that that there is anything or anyone out there who will be able to offer you the help you so desperately need right now.

You know you need something that can slot into your busy timetable, without disrupting your many commitments outside of work, like family and friends. The approach needs to make immediate sense to you, align with your values and beliefs and not involve mysticism or new age gobbledygook. And it needs to be intelligent, with evidence baselines that help you to trust stepping into the unknown.

Manageable, Meaningful and Mindful: You Are the Answer

You are the answer. You have all the qualities, skills and resources in you to meet the challenge ahead. What is missing is a carefully structured learning framework to give you the chance to start exercising these skills, and it comes in the form of an 8 week mindfulness training programme.

How Long is a Mindfulness Programme?

Eight weeks is deemed to be the optimal time to embed a significant change in lifestyle. Eight weeks of daily practice has been proved to be just enough to bring about sustainable change.

What Will Mindfulness Practice Do For Me?

This eight week mindfulness programme invites you to make a change in how you manage your stress by developing more patience, more focus and more kindness. It becomes more manageable with practice, and with the support of a mindful coach at hand throughout the programme.

Who Else Will Be There?

In a small group setting of 4-8 busy professionals, there’s the added support of sharing the journey with others, sharing experiences and collective effort to make the programme manageable, without having to bare your soul, or relive difficult times.

You will meet weekly, towards the end of the afternoon, when all your work is done, when you will be best resourced to focus on building your resilience to stress, away from the office.

How Do I Know Mindfulness Works?

Combining over two thousand years of spiritual wisdom, with several decades of neuro-science into how the brain learns, this mindfulness training programme coaches the trainee through a series of reflections and meditations, with the purpose of building self-awareness and regenerative mind skills that can be adapted to the fast moving world of business.

How Do You Make This Learning Meaningful To Me?

The trainee puts the practice to the test from week one, and is encouraged to make use of what works, and ditch what doesn’t. We all have our preferred approaches to learning and meditating, and we can all be accommodated. We practise in the comfort of our own home, keeping a practice log and bringing our questions, achievements and dilemmas to the next coaching session.

What Is Mindful Coaching?

Mindfulness is the practice of pooling our innate resources to make the best of every situation. It begins as a training tool. It develops into a health-enhancing habit, and with time and practice, becomes a lifestyle that brings as many benefits to one’s personal life as it does to the workplace.

What Do Others Say About This Mindfulness Programme?

A recent group of trainees reported a marked reduction in anxiousness and a significant improvement in the management of workplace stress.

The mindful coach builds group trust by combining a professional expertise in adult learning with a personal commitment to mindfulness practice, and joins each group of trainees on the journey of discovery.

When Can I Join a Mindfulness Training Programme?

Our next open programme of training starts on 2nd November in our Papworth training suite. If you’d like to register your interest, contact david@namastaculture.co.uk or call our office on 01954 267640

How Do I Introduce Mindfulness In My Workplace?

Our two-hour taster workshops are delivered in your organisation and explains the neuro-science of mindfulness as well as giving a flavour of mindfulness meditation practice. This can help you to gauge its potential usefulness as a workplace stress management tool.

Who Is The Trainer? What Do They Know About Mindfulness?

Our Mindful Coach, David, leads all our mindfulness programmes. His speciality is combining his three areas of expertise, teaching, counselling and Buddhist meditation practice, to create a training model that adapts the well-known mindfulness based stress reduction to the challenges of the modern workplace.

David spent 4 years training with the Buddhist Triratna Community in Cambridge, before returning to his career in the charitable sector and integrating mindfulness into a workforce development model. David practises mindfulness meditation daily and attends regular meditation retreats to maintain his own personal and professional development.

If you’d like to talk to David about how mindfulness can help your organisation please email david@namastaculture.co.uk or call our office on 01954 267640

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