Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness at Work

Are you aware of how Mindfulness can help to reduce tension and improve performance at work? Many individuals are beginning to experience the benefits of regular mindfulness practice, however, there can be a lack of understanding at a business level as to how such a practice could be beneficial in the workplace.

Research shows a link between increased emotional intelligence and the regular practise of mindfulness. Put simply, regular mindfulness practice enables us to recognise our emotional response in difficult situations, and choose how we respond rather than follow the fight or flight response.

It follows that emotionally intelligent managers and staff experience less conflict and better relationships due to have a flexible approach, resulting in a happier working environment and greater productivity.

Some feedback we received from attendees at a recent introduction to Mindfulness session include:

“I feel it will be beneficial for me in my role”

“Excellent facilitator, really worthwhile session”

“Very welcome moment of stillness. I’d love to learn more”

“Hope there is more time for HR to look after us more, to make sure we are mentally healthy”

“Be great if [the company] offered employees a few sessions throughout the year”

“Like to spend time at work practising this, as it made me feel less stressed”

“Excellent facilitator”

A simple mindfulness practice is to take one minute to find a quiet place and put all of your attention on your breathing. Noticing whatever you would notice about your breath with every inhalation and exhalation. Your mind will probably wander, this is normal, so forgive yourself and then come back to noticing your breathing.

Namasté Culture can help your organisation by introducing Mindfulness to your staff and managers.

If you would like to join the ranks of enlightened employers who recognise the links between business performance and employee wellbeing, contact us today on 01954 267640.

Jacqui Kemp This article was written by Jacqui Kemp of Namasté Culture.
Jacqui is Director at Namasté Culture. Jacqui started her career in HR in 2001, becoming fully CIPD qualified in 2005.
Jacqui has experienced all the challenges that a growing and successful business will face, from building new teams, merging teams post-acquisition, to setting up short-term international assignments and job-sharing programmes across international borders.

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