Mindfulness With Cambridge Network

Mindfulness With Cambridge Network

So much to achieve, so little time to stop, reflect and do things differently.

This seems to be both the truth for most busy professionals, the reason for not engaging and the very need for mindfulness training. So, what can we do as trainers to make mindfulness training more accessible and attractive to those who may benefit most?

Mindful Taster Sessions

We started by offering a taster session to the Cambridge Network breakfast club, where we laid out some of the science behind the model, offered a short guided meditation and invited discussion around its potential benefit for wellbeing and peak performance in the workplace.

Mindfulness Programmes

We’re following this up by offering an 8 week mindfulness training programme for the busy professional, adapting the traditional mindfulness curriculum to the challenges of the workplace and including some action planning around change management.

We have also included mindfulness in our 12 month management development course, where it finds its place among emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and stress management. After all, mindfulness is as much a skillful technique in self-management, as it is a life philosophy and path to wisdom and compassion. It all depends on who and where you are at the time of discovery.

To find out about our next taster session or to talk to us about your wellbeing needs call Jacqui today on 01954 267640 or email jacqui@namasteculture.co.uk

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