Overstretched, Overworked & Overwhelmed?

Overstretched, Overworked & Overwhelmed?

Overstretched, Overworked & Overwhelmed?


The “Busyness” Culture

According to research, we have more leisure time than in the past, and yet we claim to be busier than ever. The renowned Psychologist, Oliver Burkeman, has reported that of thousands of adults in 28 countries, most don’t believe how busy others claim to be, and frequently feel pressured to exaggerate their busyness. Often busyness is confused with success – the busier we are, the better we must be, so we stay in work for longer hours and squeeze as much as we can into our diaries.  However, busyness does not always walk hand-in-hand with effectiveness, especially when our continued business leads us to feel overwhelmed, thereby reducing our ability to cope and enjoy our lives.

Enjoyment and Effectiveness

The good news is there’s a lot you can do to change this feeling and become more effective at work, whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance. You may wish to explore your feelings further using counselling or how on-the-job skills such as time management may help. Mindfulness is another option worth exploring. Mindfulness is more than a just relaxation technique – it is a way of training our minds to focus and become more attentive to the task in hand. It is a simple discipline that helps us keep mentally “fit” to stay on top of our daily demands. 

Here’s how mindfulness training can help to loosen up the tight grip of anxiety so that you can be at your best to face your to-do list with a clearer, calmer sense of choice.

Pause: take 15 minutes out of your busy routine to build focus and relax your mind.

Experience:  experience whatever is happening inside, focus on the breath, and rest.

Allow: give yourself permission to not act on your experience, just experience, with kindness.

Let go: when the to-do list interrupts your focus, know that it’s a passing thought, and breathe.

Refresh: return to your desk with clarity, purpose & energy

It’s a skill that can be learnt like any other. One option is to join a mindfulness group to share the experience, learn from each other and build a new routine to counter-act the habit of over-extending your resources. Our next course starts in April, and is tailored for the busy professional, who wants to better manage feeling overwhelmed, and put mindfulness to work when next in the office.

To book your place on the course, or attend a taster workshop, contact Helen on 01954 267640.


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