Reputation Is Everything

Reputation Is Everything

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Henry Ford

Making a Difference

I was moved to read the feedback from some of our regular customers and learn something of our reputation as quality training providers. I’ll go as far as to share that tears blurred my vision, as our re-branding consultant read out responses to her investigations around our reputation as a wellbeing training organisation. Evidently, we have a made a positive difference to the accumulative skills of local businesses around managing stress, mental health and the productive happiness of their people.

Hard Truths

We also learnt of our short-comings and how perceptions of Namasté Culture as pink and fluffy were getting in the way of business development. Bravely, my colleague Jacqui, Director, set about a re-branding process of discovery of hard truths.

Articulation of Expertise

We discovered that our customers’ understanding of our business mission was very varied and driven by their experience of one particular training programme or their experience of Jacqui as business director. For example, that we offer 1-2-1 therapeutic support for employees in crisis, or that we deliver in-house wellbeing training. It became clear that we were not articulating clearly our specific expertise and what makes us unique as wellbeing training providers. The time was ripe to start the process of defining in unmistakable terms who, what and why we are.

What We’re Good At

Customers were invited to describe what defines our quality of delivery. They said we are:

  • Ethical
  • Results focused and will deliver what we say we will
  • Compassionate and professional
  • Credible and evidence based
  • Honest and open – and will say if we don’t think we can help
  • Understanding of HR and the issues the HR team faces

What Stands Out About Namasté Culture?

When asked what stands out about us the number one answer was Jacqui and her commitment to making a difference in the workplace. They also said:

  • We believe in what we do – and that comes across strongly
  • They can connect with us
  • We are passionate about working with individuals to be the best they can be
  • We diagnose a need, not just offer a standard product

What Needs To Change?

So then we get to the thorny issue of what didn’t gel so well with our clients, and the number one thing is the name. Our clients said:

  • The name is definitely misleading
  • The name surprised me… I only hear it at the end of a yoga class
  • I don’t fully understand what they do

Defining A Business Personality

Jacqui and I have been led along on a journey of business re-branding, defining ethos, personality and manifesto for change. We have learnt to articulate in simple terms how our training and coaching help people to make the necessary breakthroughs for business growth. This learning process will soon bear its fruits in the form of a relaunch, which you will be invited to.

Jacqui shares her initial thoughts on the branding process here.

In the meantime, we’d be happy to talk to you about how you’d like to grow your people, and how we might help you in the process, so call us today on 01954 267640

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