Department Manager, King’s College Cambridge


Without doubt my management skills and style have developed enormously over the 12 months. Each module was relevant with an excellent balance of input from the trainer and hands-on practical testing of theory.

The practical application of the learning was what I found most useful. Creating a monthly action plan gave the learning a focus and the interim coaching calls were a valuable reminder to test out the learning each month. The face to face sessions face the chance to discuss progress and setbacks in an informal but informative forum, which was much appreciated.

I now feel much better equipped to deal with the daily rigours of being a manager – in particular to deal with challenging behaviour from staff, to coach staff, to take staff through change. I have also improved my skills in managing appraisals and conducting interviews.

The key for me was developing a much better understanding of people and how they react to decisions and actions that are made by managers. But the course has also taught be a lot about myself and what motivates me.

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