HR Manager, King’s College, Cambridge


Dignity at Work: In-house Training at Kings College

Client need/brief: The College approached Namasté Culture to run training sessions for all staff to help familiarise them with an updated Equality and Diversity policy. It was agreed the training should address issues relating to cultural differences and raise awareness of how our behaviours may be misunderstood and how to avoid unconscious bias.

Delivery: Namasté Culture delivered the course in half day sessions throughout 2015 for over 200 staff members.

Specific feedback: Employees who attended the course said that it helped them:

“[To see] different ways of looking at cultures and understanding others needs”

“Understand how people perceive things in a different way to how it is meant”

“Not to make initial judgements”

“[Understand] how we might help others who are being bullied or harassed”.

Outcome: “The staff enjoyed meeting each other for training and there is a demonstrably greater understanding of equality and diversity in the workplace as a result.”

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