Trainee, Alcatel-Lucent


Managing Stress Effectively: In-house Course for Alcatel-Lucent.

Client need/brief: The organisation was going through a significant change programme and commissioned Namasté Culture to ensure that staff were well supported through this particularly stressful period.

Delivery: Namasté Culture ran 17 tailored training sessions to address organisational change and stress. One version was aimed at managers supporting others and another for individuals managing their own stress during a time of uncertainty.

Specific feedback: Employees who attended the course said that it helped in dealing with stress by providing the following feedback:

“Changing the way I think about possible stressful situations”

“Being more aware of my reactions and combatting unhelpful thinking”

“Recognising the signs of stress within myself and exploring different ways of dealing with stress.”

“Action plan to take away from the workshop to reduce stress and stressful situations”

Outcome: Over 80% of the participants rated the course as good or very good in suiting their specific needs.

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