We wish you a healthy 2016.

We wish you a healthy 2016.

It’s Time to Take Stress Seriously says the CIPD; In its article headed ‘What’s Coming in 2016?’ People Management states that for the sixth consecutive year, employers questioned in the CIPD’s 2015 absence management survey reported an increase in stress-related absence and mental ill-health in their organisation.

The top reason for this remains a lack of good stress management training for people managers, according to Ben Willmott, head of public policy at the CIPD.

Remember the old adage ‘People quit their boss, not their job’? We find that people tend to take stock in January, deciding if they are where they want to be, with the people they want to be with. This results in a lot of relationship break ups; whether that is at home or at work!

If your people are facing stress at home or at work are you confident that they will be able to discuss this with their manager and make sure they have the support they need at work to cope? Or will they be struggling to hide their inner turmoil? This can have dire consequences for the individual and the business.

After a few months of trying to juggle difficult personal issues with a hectic workload the employee could start to exhibit some of the following symptoms of stress:

  • Miss deadlines
  • Make costly mistakes
  • Take odd days off sick
  • Change their attitude to work and begin to disengage
  • Alienate colleagues
  • Antagonise customers

After a few months the manager might start a performance review discussion; at which point the employee finally admits that they are not coping because of external pressures or they take time off citing work related stress.

When talking to managers we regularly hear that the fear of making things worse by saying the wrong thing tends to get in the way, so nothing is said. The damage done in a few months of saying nothing is far greater than the potential issue of saying the wrong thing.

The problem of un-managed stress is proving costly to the UK: the HSE estimates that 9.9 million days were lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2014-15.

There is another way. At Namasté Culture we believe it is important not just to alleviate the symptoms of stress, which may have a considerable impact on your business, but to work to prevent them occurring in the first place.

We do this by partnering with you to review your corporate culture and your health and wellbeing initiatives. We provide tailored support to identify and address any issues in your business, we offer initiatives to underpin good mental health and training for line managers and HR to know how to spot the warning signs and what you can effectively do to promote good mental health at work.

The CIPD asks if 2016 will be the year HR cracks it – come along to our next wellbeing assessment session to find out how close you are to having a healthy and happy 2016.

Call today on 0954 267640 or email helen@namasteculture.co.uk to attend our wellbeing assessment workshop on 24th February.

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