Training Taster Sessions – Early 2016

Training Taster Sessions – Early 2016

At Namasté Culture we want to be sure that what we do is a good fit for your business needs. We know that it’s not just about the training content, the trainer has to be able to connect with your people and bring to life subjects that could be a bit dry when delivered in the wrong way. To help you assess whether we are the right partner for your business we offer opportunities for you to find out about our style of training by attending a low-cost workshop. We ask you to make a donation for our charity of the year, which is currently City of Cambridge Swimming Club to attend one of our taster sessions. Want to know more? Read on… 

Management Development Programmes – Why Does Good Management Really Matter?

Cost:A report by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) on leadership and management in the UK estimates that poor management is costing UK businesses over £19billion per year in lost working hours.

Engagement and performance:A Harvard business review study suggests that managers account for at least 70% of variance in employee engagement, which also impacts on performance. BIS states that best-practice management development result in a 23% increase in organisational performance.

The 12-month Management Development Programme run by Namasté Culture offers a “learn-as-you-work” course that explores the softer skills of good management e.g. motivation, relationships and decision-making alongside your day-to-day work.

We look at skills development to encourage changes in your behaviour that you can immediately apply. We encourage fun in learning, open communication and sharing current practice while looking at what is right for your business.

What’s different in the way we do it?

Personalised: We explore and build on your strengths and provide tools and techniques to improve the areas that need developing.

Embedded: We believe in developing lasting change. A monthly coaching call provides support to embed your new skills back in the workplace, and before you know it we are having fun again learning new skills!


The next Management Development Taster session is on 23rd February 10am to 12 noon. To find out more and reserve your place call today on 01954 267640.

Health & Wellbeing Assessment Workshops – Why Does Workplace Wellbeing Matter?

The impact on the bottom line:The number of working days lost due to stress, depression and anxiety has risen by 24% in the last six years (CIPD) The cost of that employee absence for an organisation of 1,000 employees is around £595,000 per year.

How should businesses be acting?

There still remains a lack of organized response by businesses to this increasing cost of stress. The CIPD argues this is partly because businesses do not know HOW to tackle the issues. So how do we act?

Certainly we should seek to combat the impact of stress, with relevant stress management interventions. However there is a case for a preventative approach to stress by investing in employee Wellbeing programmes, which focus on optimizing performance and developing a healthy workplace culture. This helps improve productivity. Indeed the Stress management society suggests that every £1 spent on staff Wellbeing yields a £3-6 gain in productivity (

How Namasté Culture can help

We are helping employers to identify and assess how they approach Wellbeing. Using a framework based on the HSE’s recommendations for wellbeing, in conjunction with the NICE guidelines for workplace health, we offer the opportunity assess your current offering.

Our aim is to create a partnership with your business to guide you in creating a tailored action plan to meet your specific needs.


The next Wellbeing Assessment workshop to assess your current offering against best practice, and identify a way forward for your organisation is on Wednesday 24th February, for more information and to reserve your place call today on 01954 267640.

Workplace Mindfulness to Improve Performance – Why do we need mindfulness?

In the CIPD’s 2015 absence management survey stress-related absence and mental ill-health have risen for the 6th year running.  All too often, when we are stressed we forget that we have a choice and may react or over-react in a negative way, affecting our relationships and our performance at work.

Mindfulness is the art of noticing thoughts and sensations as they occur and then consciously choosing if and how to respond. Current research into the use of mindfulness at work has found Mindfulness training has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  Not only that, but it can help to improve performance, it prevent burnout and promote job satisfaction.

How Namaste Culture can help.

At Namasté Culture we teach Mindfulness to help people navigate life’s demands without opting out of their responsibilities and commitments.

Our 8 week Mindfulness programme complements our existing wellbeing programmes of training and is aimed at helping you to help employees return to work after a period of stress related absence, and keep employees at work who might otherwise face taking sick leave due to stress related issues.


The next Mindfulness taster session is being held on Thursday 25th February, for more information and to reserve your place call today on 01954 267640

For additional taster dates or more information about any of our workshops call today on 01954 267640.

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