We are changing…

We are changing…

Facing Unpalatable Truths

You know when someone tells you something you don’t really want to hear?

It’s something about an idea you had, something that you really like, something you think talks about who you are and what you do? In short, it is something that feels very personal to you.

You Always Have a Choice

What do you do when that happens? I often say you have a minimum of 3 options in any given situation, so my top 3 options are:

  1. Choose to ignore that thing they just said – what do they know anyway?
  2. Defend your position and tell them why it is the way it is – why should I care?
  3. Take it on the chin and look at what you need to do to change – what do I need to do to make this work?

What’s In A Name?

In May David gave me some important feedback from an attendee at one of our training sessions that introduces our approach to wellbeing in the workplace, a delegate had said “I like you, I like what you do, it is what we need, but I cannot introduce Namasté Culture to my CEO!”

On further exploration it is the name and nothing else that was standing in the way of us working together. The perception of the CEO and FD would have been that we are ‘fluffy’ or ‘pink’, neither of those words describes us, but our name apparently conjures up an image that doesn’t sit well in a corporate environment.

Missed Opportunities

When David gave me the feedback he was surprised that it would have such a big impact, but then I thought back to a training day I did with a sales team in 2015; the FD attended and the focus of the day was around managing wellbeing in a fast paced, highly pressured sales environment. We had a great day, lots was discussed around perceptions and wellbeing, I shared tools and techniques to manage stress levels, we discussed changes the team needed to make and we debated practical support that the company could provide. The role of the FD was to agree to what could be delivered if there was a cost involved.

At the end of the day the FD spoke to me, he was delighted with how well the session had gone and he confided “I must admit, I thought today would be pink and fluffy, but you don’t do pink and fluffy do you?”  We laughed, and I have often used his quote to help eliminate misconceptions around wellbeing.

What I should have done was asked him about his perception. I assumed it was because we were talking about stress and wellbeing, but it could have been related to the company name.  Fast forward 2 years and a training delegate tells David straight, our name is too pink and fluffy for the CEO and FD.

Making Our Choice

So, what did we do? I chose option 3. By taking it on the chin we engaged with a brand consultant who spoke to our clients, as well as asking about what we do and the benefits of working with us. She asked what they think about the name, and it was clear that Namasté isn’t working for us, it caused some concern when introducing us to the senior leadership team, others said they knew the term Namaste from yoga or travel and they thought we had some connection with yoga before they got to know us.

Making Change Happen

So that has been the start of an amazing journey of rebranding. I took it on the chin, I heard what our customers and the people we want to work with said, and I’ve decided to do something about it.

Watch this space!

Find Out More

We work with organisations looking to achieve positive, significant and long-term change. We do this by focusing on management behaviours that support employee engagement and wellbeing.

One of our HR Director clients said because of the work we have done their department is viewed differently:

“On a corporate level we’re seen as not just talking but offering real interventions for employees around mental health and stress.”

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