Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback: Management Development Programme (MDP)

Clare & Tony Elliot of Victoire Press completed the Namasté Culture 12-month Management Development Programme during 2015. David Lynch, Learning and Development Manager, interviewed them March 2016 to discuss what impact the training has had on their work.

What was your lasting impression of the training?

Clare: “It challenged my way of doing things. I realised I needed to be more proactive about addressing people management challenges… it cemented our business values, reinforcing good practice.”

Tony:“The fantastic group dynamic. The development of trust in the group meant that when you received peer-feedback, it made you question your beliefs and practices. I’m much better about presenting data, when challenging colleagues, separating person from the problem.”

How do you manage differently as a result of the training?

Clare: “I’m more likely to confront difficult situations, more pro-active in addressing challenges. Although I don’t find it easy, I am more vocal as a senior manager.”

Tony: “I manage people differently now, I am more aware of the impact I have, as CEO, and more inclined to reflect on my approach.”

How does MDP help a manager improve in competence and confidence?

Clare: “The training provided an opportunity to act out different scenarios and look at different outcomes.”

Tony: “Peer feedback was a very powerful tool in learning. It provides you with a toolbox to take back into management.”

Anything to add?

Tony: “We commend the trainer on always getting through the material, always start on time, always professional in her responses, keeping leadership boundaries”.