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Psychological support for your people

People naturally care about the work they do; we want to take pride in our work and to seek out meaningful relationships with those we work alongside.

Unfortunately, from time to time things go wrong, relationships become challenging, we face difficulties at home or work that may start to affect our self-belief and our ability to focus and engage fully in work. This will have a negative impact on individual performance and productivity, left unaddressed it will also affect the wider team, creating even greater issues.

Recent research suggests that high employee engagement is more likely to be sustainable when psychological wellbeing is also high.

Namasté Culture provides access to therapeutic support services for your people who are struggling to deal with life’s challenges. Whatever the cause, if your employees are struggling to cope it will have a negative impact on their health, work and relationships with colleagues.

Therapeutic Approach

Namasté Culture therapists are all Quest Institute trained Cognitive Hypnotherapists and NLP Master Practitioners. Trained to the highest standards by Quest Institute in Regents College and registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the government recognised Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. All therapists follow a strict code of ethics and maintain their professional development.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy incorporates a range of therapies such as CBT, Gestalt, NLP and Positive Psychology, providing Namasté Culture therapists with a range of tools to support your people to find freedom from their problems.

This is a brief therapy; most people get the outcome they are looking for within three to six sessions of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, this short You Tube clip explains more about this approach:

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