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Are you considered the go-to person when department or unit heads are planning for future growth or changing their working practices? If you are, congratulations, you don’t need this support!

On the other hand, if your HR department is constantly reacting to the needs of the business and taking on the role of fire-fighters for your managers you may benefit from talking to us about supporting your team to become more strategic.

All too often HR is seen as the last resort by under-trained managers who are doing their best to keep things under the radar, which can result in performance management issues, sickness absence, stress and high employee turnover. This leaves the HR department constantly responding to people issues and limited in time to identify the needs of the business, resulting in an inability to plan, prioritise or truly partner with the business.

Most businesses spend time planning for growth or change over a defined period of time, if you are involved in the planning stages you are in a great position to add real value to the business.

Working together to identify what needs to change to improve your department’s image, and to guide you through the planning stages of any change programme you can learn to build your credibility in the business.

To find out how we can help you to raise your department’s profile call today on 01954 715406.

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