World Mental Health Day – Saturday 10th October

World Mental Health Day – Saturday 10th October

Let’s talk about it: promoting well-being in work

Saturday 10 October is World Mental Health Day and we’re all invited to consider what we can each do to promote our well-being. Have you had your five-a-day? asks Mind in their awareness raising campaign and I ask myself how their five-a-day relates to promoting employee well-being.

  1. Be active: do you encourage your team to look after their physical fitness? This could be as little as setting the standard of taking regular breaks and leaving your desk to stretch your legs. It could also involve supporting your colleagues to maintain a good work-life balance by engaging in meaningful activities outside of work and keeping fit.
  2. Take notice: do you acknowledge the power and benefits of self-awareness in the context of taking responsibility for one’s well-being? Have you considered experimenting with mindfulness approaches to building a culture of well-being and resilience? Evidence suggests calming the mind helps us manage life’s demands and builds our resilience to stress.
  3. Give: what could your team offer as a gesture of goodwill to community groups and charities that would foster a culture of generosity as well as team cohesion? Would your team enjoy volunteering in a local drop-in centre and giving something back? Acknowledging our good fortune and acting with generosity is known to alleviate mental distress.
  4. Connect: how well do you know your colleagues? Do you take a pro-active approach to engaging with their experience in the job, beyond productivity and organisational agendas? By expressing an interest in each other’s lives and actively acknowledging each other’s worth beyond our professional roles builds trusting relationships and can promote a culture of well-being.
  5. Keep learning: when was the last time you carried out a training needs assessment? When did you last take yourself off on a course to refresh your skills and strengthen your ability to perform and progress in your work? Neuroscience advocates learning as a brain activity to improve our executive skills (e.g. focus & attention, planning, decision making) and to alleviate the detrimental effects of depression, demotivation and lethargy.

So, are you getting your five-a-day in the office?

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